We are not your average broker, after all we’re pigs; we tell it like it is, we’re LOYAL, and of course, without sounding too full of ourselves, we’re pretty SMART as well.


FXPIG™ is different. Yeah, we know everyone says they are different, but seriously, we TRULY are DIFFERENT. Our core focus has, and always will be on our trading PARTNERS

We do not sugarcoat what happens in the market, nor do we spend countless marketing dollars to cover up the not so elegant side of this business, we prefer to push that money into research and development of our trading environment, something that is constantly evolving. While we cannot promise perfection, things can and most often do happen, what we can promise is our implicit dedication to taking on each and every problem our PARTNERS face with the same veracity regardless of the size or scope of the issue.

The FX Market is hard enough to navigate on it's own, and we know, from EXPERIENCE, that the last thing a trader needs is more red tape and vague and unsupported answers to their very poignant questions. FXPIG™ knows that while all traders want the best possible price, each and every trader needs a different set of tools to be successful. That is why we not only provide the highest caliber infrastructure but also work to make sure you can access this infrastructure on a budget. 

Our slogan underscores the overall truth in our business model, the overall truth in why FXPIG™ has been able to grow inside a very difficult industry without reverting to the same unscrupulous tactics as its competitors; FXPIG™, Where Traders Come to Win.

Our Vision

We are here to attempt the lofty challenge of changing the market, changing the tide of brokers that simply use the terms DMA, ECN, STP, etc., as simple marketing flash points and pass the buck on every trade error or tech related issue that happens on their watch. Our vision, our hope, our goal is to see the marketplace move toward a more transparent and client centric model with pricing that reflects true market conditions, and we are ready to do our part to push this vision out into the FX world.

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Our team


bobby winters

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

While I’m new to being a CEO,
I am definitely not new to Forex. Starting as a junior sales associate to working my way up to running an institutional desk, I’ve seen all sides of the industry. It’s my goal now to take all I’ve learned to make  FXPIG™ the best broker in the Market.


biljana Kukeska

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Finding FOREX, after years of toiling with stocks, was like 'love at first click'. After a few years of experience in the FX Sector becoming a part of the FXPIG™ team was a dream come true as I finally found a like minded team that shared my ideals and that I could work with.


Kevin Murcko

Executive Director

I have been called one of the most transparent executives in the Forex Industry; no doubt this stems from the fact that I started out as a retail trader and worked my may up the ladder to eventually running my own brokerage. I know this industry's quirks and how to fix them



CTO - Chief Technical Officer

Italian living in France. PhD'ing in Mechanical Engineering. At 12, I could program C++. At 13, I was a bonafide entrepreneur . At 16, I was working on industrial automation. At 18, I was already tutoring college students. At 19, I started trading. At 21, I found Forex. The rest... is history.


An Oasis of Truth for the Demanding Trader: The FX Market is an unforgiving place, a hectic and ever moving metropolis of data that can be made even more chaotic by the unscrupulous actions of a numbered few. Brokers can be down right shameless. Think of FXPIG™ as a refuge amongst the madness. Our core values are reflected in every aspect of our business from our transparent trading environment to our upfront approach to servicing our clients. In the end our goal is your success by way of a mutually beneficial partnership. 

FXPIG™ is a truly transparent STP broker that will never trade against its clients or be counterparty to their trades. 100% of our trade flow is passed directly to our aggregated liquidity providers, meaning we push all your trades into the transactional FX Marketplace, we do not create our own market in house, and we can prove it. If you want to see a FIX trade log showing how your trade was executed all you need to do is ask.
FXPIG™ is official sponsor of Signature Rally, featuring a networking travel experience in some of the worlds most modern and rarest Supercars and GT sports cars with adrenaline packed activities and raising money for charity along the way.



FXPIG™ has always maintained a high level of internal and external compliance standards regardless of the standards imposed on the company by any particular regulator. Founded in 2010; FXPIG™ currently operates under a Principal's License for Dealing in Securities (VFSC Company Number 014578), granted by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Vanuatu, under the arm of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. REAL Regulation comes from a REAL Commitment to EXCELLENCE. While Vanuatu is a relative newcomer to the FX space, it is by no means a pushover, having already enacted rules regarding financial and AML audits, as well as comprehensive internal activity reports which allow the regulator to stay on top of the inner working of all of its licensed members.



Strict Regulatory Oversight in combination with a streamlined and impartial dispute resolution process, one that is backed by the fiduciary protection of a well run Compensation Fund, is certainly a strong push in the right direction when it comes to dealing with Client Funds. However, it is not the complete answer to the age old Safety of Funds question...

Sometimes the toughest questions have the most simplistic of answers. At FXPIG™ all Client Funds are held in segregated accounts and are never utilized to cover company related expenses or overhead. As a non-risk taking broker, we do not trade on our own accounts, we do not run a dealing desk, nor do we put company assets at risk at any time. Simple and TRANSPARENT, the mark of a solid trading PARTNER.



So, you ALREADY know PIGs are TRANSPARENT, LOYAL, SMART, DEDICATED, modest, of course, and man, would you just look at how TRULY DIFFERENT they are from your run-of-the-mill, churn 'em and burn 'em Forex Broker?... From one PIG to another, what are you waiting for?

If you haven't noticed already PIGs are also very fond of satire. Look, in an industry that takes itself WAY too seriously, we thought it was time that someone shed some light on what the FX space is all about, how it works, and, why not, make fun of an industry that tries SOOOO hard to project an image of astuteness... by cold calling retirees and sponsoring sport teams. 

HELP us change this trend by doing your small part to show the industry that the 'norm' is no longer acceptable... by becoming a PIG today, JOINING the MOVEMENT, and raising your snout at all the ridiculousness that this industry has thrown at us over the years. FXPIG™, 'Where Traders Come to WIN'