going beyond segregated accounts in FX: on a path to real safety of funds

We got you covered...

Our primary goal has always been creating the best trading environment possible, part of that is ensuring that we are constantly working toward aligning our interests with that of our clients. 

We Stand by Our Commitment to Our Clients... Rain or Shine

Believe it or not we actually LISTEN to our clients, and not only that, we actually do what we say we will do. Quite the novelty right? In this industry that is littered with unscrupulous snake-oil salesman and guys that are only looking out for themselves, we here at FXPIG™ actually put our focus on YOU, our valued customers, FIRST. Why? Because we are super altruistic Mother Teresa type saints? No. We simply realize that in a PARTNERSHIP if only one side is reaping the benefits that union is destined to fail.



In conjunction with the Financial Commission, FXPIG™ offers all the COMFORTS of other brokers touting licenses from more 'well-known' jurisdictions, but it also offers things these guys simply cannot: Access, Flexibility, and a 100% Commitment to YOUR success.

Isn't the FCA or the ASIC a Better Choice?


It's simple really... If you feel we have wronged you, the Financial Commission's professional and impartial board of directors will hear your case, and if they decide in your favor, they will cover your loss up to 5,000 USD, payable by way of their Compensation Fund, a sort of Insurance Policy for clients of member brokers. No politics here folks, no 'Too Big to Fail' NONSENSE either, just a group of industry leaders that work to decide who's case is more compelling and base their rulings on the facts... and ONLY the FACTS.

While the ASIC is considered one of the top regulatory bodies in the world, it cannot make a similar claim as there is no such compensation plan under the guise of the Australian Government. To the same point; while the MiFID and the FCA may offer similar Compensation Funds those same regulatory bodies also place limitations on how and what you trade and the level of bureaucratic red tape can make even the simplest interactions complex and painfully slow. Not very impartial if you ask us.